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Live lounge for 2013

Written by Karl. Posted in Uncategorized

Have you just seen a local band or solo artist that just took your breath away or really surprised with the amazon talent? Why not recommend them to us and you will have another chance to see them here at suburban. Are you one of those bands or artists that is looking to showcase your talents then send us some of your sounds and you could be in with a chance to play here and be paid for doing so. Get in touch at www.facebook.com/suburbanbarbingley or www.suburbanbingley.co.uk

New for 2013… Your say could win you £50

Written by Karl. Posted in Uncategorized

The new year is fast approaching us and we want to know what you want to see at your Suburban bar. 2013 promises to bring something new and exciting with new looks, new offers and the same exceptional service with some traditional twists. But the question still remains, what do you want to see happen at Suburban this coming 2013?? Not only could your thoughts and ideas come into action YOU could win a £50 bar tab. (T&Cs apply) Post your requests and ideas on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/suburbanbingley or twitter page @suburbanbingley or post comment on this website

E cigs, the great debate. Ban or no ban

Written by Karl. Posted in Uncategorized

The great debate about smoking or not as the case may be, E cigs! We here at suburban want to hear your thoughts on people using electronic cigarettes in your local bar. Does it send out the wrong message and confuse the non smoker, in turn putting them off there drinking experience?! Or does it send a positive statement that we here promote a healthier lifestyle and don’t find it offensive. Post your thoughts on here and let’s get the real views of the real people rather than listening to the churned words from the rumour mill… Conssymroycupo



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